• 1.1. the mist
  • 1.2. opal toad segment
  • 1.3. kosciuszko
  • 1.4. and i mean it
  • 1.5. cola kid
  • 1.6. amak kijang
  • 1.7. awkward silences i have known
  • 2.1. the interconvertible three
  • 2.2. parallel noise construction
  • 2.3. big boots
  • 2.4. isnd
  • 2.5. ride of the popcorn valkyries
  • 2.6. deer biphenyl
  • 2.7. hunting hunting
27. Januar 2017


i said no doctors!

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Über diesen Artikel

Black 180g Vinyl incl. Digital Download Card "I Said No Doctors!" double-LP is a compilation of the most groundbreaking artists of current and past decades who have redefined sound by creating and destroying musical instruments to fit a specific sonic character and method of music-making. During this audio journey we hear Silver Apples' Simeon Coxe combining bench oscillators, sound filters, telegraph keys and radio parts into one of the first electronic instruments. David Grubbs (Gastr del Sol, Bastro, Squirrel Bait, The Red Crayola) plays an alligator-clip prepared guitar. Markus Popp's composition features his Oval Process software. Indonesian noise band Senyawa plays a modified Javanese farm plough. Dan Deacon generates an atonal barrage of ... mehr lesen