• 1.1. if i needed you
  • 1.2. pancho and lefty
  • 1.3. waiting around to die
  • 1.4. blue wind blew
  • 1.5. kathleen
  • 1.6. no lonesome tune
  • 1.7. brother flower
  • 2.1. two girls
  • 2.2. marie
  • 2.3. quicksilver daydreams of maria
  • 2.4. snowin' on raton
  • 2.5. at my window
  • 2.6. no place to fall

van zandt, townes

texas rain


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Über diesen Artikel

Townes Van Zandt - TEXAS RAIN - The Texas Hill Country Recordings - Remastered Expanded Edition Gatefold Double Album - Mastered to Audiophile standard - First 1,000 LPs on LIMITED EDITION CLEAR VINYL. GATEFOLD PACKAGING. At the turn of the 90s, Townes Van Zandt began recording a series of duets in Texas with a bunch of longtime admirers that included Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Jerry Jeff Walker, Freddy Fender and Doug Sahm. The full-band sessions sought to breathe fresh air into the lungs of some of his best-known songs. Initially given a limited release in 2001, "Texas Rain" has now been newly remastered and repackaged with a full-colour 20-page booklet, in-depth sleeve notes and revealing interview with original producer Kevin Eggers. It ... mehr lesen