• 1.1. sins
  • 1.2. last exit to nowhere
  • 1.3. the death of the author
  • 1.4. this is but a dream
  • 1.5. too innocent to be true
  • 1.6. blind
  • 1.7. blind ii
  • 1.8. i can't resist
  • 1.9. this anaesthetised
12. April 2019

underground youth, the

montage images of lust and fear

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180-gram coloured vinyl.. In its rawest moments ('The Death of the Author', 'Blind II'), The Underground Youth's haunting post-punk melancholia recalls the abrasive banshee-like noise of The Birthday Party and Suicide; jagged, shrieking guitars twist and turn as Craig Dyer's dour vocals jerk from morose and impassioned to macabre screams. Though this is an album of two sides; the more intense and challenging songs punctuated by heartfelt and solemn ballads ('Too Innocent To Be True', 'This Anaesthetised World') that are aided by the additional lap steel guitar of Kristof Hahn (Swans) who plays on six of the album's nine songs. This is The Underground Youth's most intense and honest record yet - in the ambitious songwriting and live recording (a first ... mehr lesen