• 1.1. midi midinette
  • 1.2. passing observations
  • 1.3. we couldn't dance to billy joel
  • 1.4. goldie and the gingerbreads
  • 1.5. has your boyfriend lost his flavor on the bedpost overnight'
  • 1.6. beginners at best
  • 1.7. it's not explained, it's delaware
  • 1.8. lost our friends to heavy metal
  • 1.9. hearts at the sound
  • 1.10. the cat's miaow in a spacesuit
  • 1.11. the railway prince hotel
  • 1.12. vacaville
08. Februar 2019


the railway prince hotel

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Über diesen Artikel

The Railway Prince Hotel is Tullycraft's seventh album, their first since 2013's Lost in Light Rotation. This new batch of songs sees Sean Tollefson and Jenny Mears continue to share most of the vocal duties, while long time musical stalwarts Chris Munford and Corianton Hale create most of the music. It would be selling Tullycraft short to say that The Railway Prince Hotel picks up where their last album left off. These new songs have a modestly different sound, somewhat due to the fact that long-time drummer (and original Tullycraft member) Jeff Fell, doesn't make an appearance, but also because of the fresh approach the band took to recording this record. Equipped with lyrics, vocal melodies and rough bass lines (provided by Tollefson) the band ... mehr lesen