• 1.1. armed response
  • 1.2. prowler '97
  • 1.3. the campaign
  • 1.4. access control
  • 1.5. endgame
  • 1.6. e.s.i.
  • 1.7. home security
  • 1.8. extreme measures
  • 1.9. shadow boogie
  • 1.10. stereo situation
17. Februar 2012
Genre: Indie

trans am

the surveillance

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Über diesen Artikel

Paranoid America has surrendered to its insecurity. We have surrounded ourselves with a million cameras, alarms, and home security systems promising an armed response to all intruders. When this fails, our fear moves us to gated "communities" -a return to the walled towns of the Dark Ages. Surveillance Despite all the extreme measures we've taken to gain some peace of mind, we still can't shake the feeling we're being watched, counted, manipulated. Perhaps we have focused so excessively on prowlers and other dark shadows that we can't feel the stare of modern industry's invisible eye. Today we enjoy virtually no privacy as the technology of surveillance is turned upon us, our every consumer move is observed, analyzed and filed. Observation TRANS AM's ... mehr lesen