• 1.1. i hear fake voices
  • 1.2. staying power
  • 1.3. ship of the imagination
  • 1.4. alles verboten
  • 1.5. california hotel
  • 1.6. i want 2b ignored
  • 1.7. expansions
  • 1.8. rules of engagement
22. April 2017
Genre: Indie

trans am

california hotel

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Über diesen Artikel

Für den Record Store Day 2017 brachten Trans Am ein neues Album als Vinyl heraus. Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage, wurde das Album nnun noch einmal als goldenes Vinyl mit MP3-Download Coupon in limitierter Auflage nachgepresst. Trans Am is a band that has never compromised. Originally from North Bethesda, Maryland, Trans Am is considered fathers of the instrumental post-rock sound of the 1990s. Since then the band - Phil Manley, Sebastian Thomson and Nathan Means - has added vocals and spanned genres from metal to house to progressive rock. They exploited Casio keyboards for cacophonous lo-fi sounds. They played fully electronic sets when most of their contemporaries were sticking exclusively to guitars. They pioneered early millennium fad Electroclash. ... mehr lesen