• 1.1. warship
  • 1.2. in return
  • 1.3. bring me home
  • 1.4. rule the beast
  • 1.5. olympus mons
  • 1.6. tarpit carnivore
  • 1.7. hellion
08. März 2013
Genre: Stonerrock


in return (10"colored vinyl + cd)

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Über diesen Artikel

- limited pressing of 300 units on **** vinyl Now back in print! This monstrous, seven-song, 20-minute EP pushes TORCHE's musical extremes even further as the "poppy" songs are far more catchy, and the "heavy" songs are infinitely more crushing. The band continues to explore every side of their multi-faceted personas, presenting their darkest, heaviest and most infectious work to date! "In Return" is also Robotic Empire's most obsessively ridiculous packaging yet; a beautiful full-color John Baizley design as a gatefold 10" jacket with a printed innersleeve and a die-cut that holds the companion CD in place, all housed in a thick mylar bag with a two-color sticker. Yep, this deluxe colored vinyl comes with a musically-identical CD counterpart so you ... mehr lesen