• 1.1. above your means
  • 1.2. tony's song
  • 1.3. wall walker
  • 1.4. boardwalk
  • 1.5. father figure
  • 1.6. one way ticket
  • 1.7. push over
  • 1.8. forbidden fruit
  • 1.9. juvy jeans
  • 1.10. baby i'm bored
  • 1.11. sunday
  • 1.12. boardwalk [reprise]
28. Juni 2013

tijuana panthers

semi sweet

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Über diesen Artikel

Tijuana Panthers come striding proudly out of their hometown of Long Beach, California, with Semi-Sweet, their most fully realized album yet. Semi-Sweet has every Panther contributing a part in the entire album-making process, all the way down to brainstorming new songs on drummer and singer Phil Shaheen's ukelele. Traditional Tijuana Panthers engineer Victor Orlando Nieto split the sessions for Semi-Sweet with new engineer Matt Vasquez, which worked with the new creative process to give the Panthers' latest a different feel, says guitarist & vocalist Chad Wachtel -something instantly apparent from first jittery notes of the Swell Maps-meets-Urinals DIY clatter-pop opener "Above Your Means." From there, it's a twist-and-turn-y journey through at ... mehr lesen