• 1.1. forever grinning
  • 1.2. forever grinning - eric copeland remix
  • 1.3. forever grinning - hhappiness remix
  • 1.4. forever grinning - lamburg tony remix
  • 1.5. forever grinning - luck dragons remix
  • 1.6. forever grinning - gala drop remix
13. April 2012
Genre: Indie


forever grinning

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Über diesen Artikel

180gr + MP3 Download In October 2011, THULEBASEN was contacted by the Statens Museum for Kunst, Denmark's National Art Museum, to create a song for one of the paintings from their collection of 19th-century Danish paintings. Independently of each other, the three members of the band became stuck on a Jorgen Sonne painting from 1847: "Midsummer's Eve. Sick People Asleep upon the Grave of St Helena at Tisvilde". The painting depicts a group of visibly infirm people sitting, and waiting. A myth states that the Saint could heal them if they stayed on the grave overnight. With a strange luminosity that is both light and dark, this painting is famous for being the first to capture the unique light conditions of a summer night in Denmark. "Forever Grinning" ... mehr lesen