• 1.1. a three legged workhorse
  • 1.2. there are some remedies worse than the disease
  • 1.3. black dunes
  • 1.4. burial on the presidio banks
  • 2.1. glass realms
  • 2.2. communal blood
  • 2.3. quiet
  • 2.4. they move on tracks of never-ending light disc
  • 3.1. little smoke
  • 3.2. the might rio grande
  • 3.3. threads

this will destroy you

live in iceland

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11 gorgeous live versions of the band's material spanning across Young Mountain, S/T, and Tunnel Blanket. All songs were performed and recorded at Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland. Issued as a triple lp, first pressing is grey, white, and black vinyl. The San Marcos, Texas post-rock band has had many of their tracks used in feature films and TV episodes, including "The Mighty Rio Grande" used in Brad Pitt's 2011 "Moneyball" movie and "villa Del Refugio" in 2013's World War Z film. This deluxe 3xLP live set features tracks from all the band's catalog releases including their Suicide Squeeze release.