• 1.1. teethgrinder
  • 1.2. screamager
  • 1.3. opal mantra
  • 1.4. turn
  • 1.5. nowhere
  • 1.6. trigger inside
  • 1.7. die laughing (feat. james dean bradfield)
  • 1.8. stories
  • 1.9. loose
  • 1.10. diane
  • 1.11. church of noise
  • 1.12. lonely, cryin' only
13. März 2020
Genre: Rock


greatest hits (2020 versions)


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Über diesen Artikel

To coincide with the bands 'So Much for the 30 Year Plan Tour', Therapy? re-recorded their 12 UK Top 40 hits, many of which have become standout anthems, in Abbey Road to bring the tracks into the present. The band worked with producer Chris Sheldon, who produced the original 'Troublegum' album, as well as working on 'Semi-Detached', 'High Anxiety' and the band's latest record 'CLEAVE', to record the 12-track album that includes all their UK hits including 'Screamager' and a reworking of their classic Hüsker Dü cover 'Diane'. Featuring James Dean Bradfield of Manic Street Preachers on 'Die Laughing', the band reflect on their great time touring and growing as a band over the past thirty years. Exclusive to the CD edition on release ... mehr lesen