• 1.1. splashdown
  • 1.2. high on fire
  • 1.3. you set my soul
  • 1.4. spaceships
  • 1.5. the presence of your grace
  • 1.6. and
  • 1.7. flying
  • 1.8. yeah
  • 1.9. ocean drive
  • 1.10. please tell mother
  • 1.11. to the shore

telescopes, the

the telescopes

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Formed in 1987 these British shoegaze/space-rock mainstays drew inspiration from the 60s psych and rock scene, particularly The Velvets, The 13th Floor Elevators, Love, and The Byrds, as well as contemporaries such as My Bloody Valentine, and The Jesus & Mary Chain. Their second LP, a self-titled affair from 1992 originally released on Creation is where they truly took off and found their original voice with a tight batch of hook-laden tunes. An essential piece of UK shoegaze and psychedelia, The Telescopes is back in print on vinyl for the first time in nearly a decade.