• 1.1. freak out
  • 1.2. don't wanna talk about it
  • 1.3. move on
  • 1.4. the quiet man
  • 1.5. kick ass
  • 1.6. in my dreams again
  • 1.7. i.o.u. (i owe you)
  • 1.8. love never dies
  • 1.9. you angel you
  • 1.10. still mad about you
  • 1.11. the goodbye song
07. September 2012
Genre: Garage

suzy & los quattro


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Über diesen Artikel

On March 9th 2009, Suzy and BB Quattro's friend HANK was murdered. This catapulted them into an episode that they've captured like an audio movie. I hesitate to use the expression rock opera because this includes the roll part too. In addition to the fact that they had to deal with the loss of a dear friend, the healing process took many twists and turns. All of those are documented here in terms of a collision between the finest shards of East Coast US punk and glorious Californian pop.