24. August 2012


mansion burning

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DEBUT LP OF COLUMBUS ALL STAR BAND / ORIGINALLY A RUN OF 50 CASSETTE ++ TK WEBB HAS RELEASED CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED SOLO RECORDS ON MEXICAN SUMMER, KEMADO, THE SOCIAL REGISTRY ++ DUSTIN WHITE CO-PRODUCED THE LAST TIMES NEW VIKING LP AS WELL AS BEING THEIR TOURING LIVE MANIPULATOR FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS ++ RHYTHM SECTION IS 1/2 OF THE MAINSTREET GOSPEL (TEEPEE RECORDS) ++ AMERICANA MEETS SHOEGAZE ++ DOWNLOAD CODE INCLUDED ++++ Sundown - Just as the name suggests their music is a smoldering psychedelic blues toying with a far-off horizon with a slow-burning and soft-buzzing underbelly that could be likened to sawdust shoegaze theatrics. Still the songs of TK Webb - what drive Sundown - seem too natural, to comfortable, to merely chalk them up to roadhouse ... mehr lesen