• 1.1. i got a right
  • 1.2. you don't want my name
  • 1.3. the shadow of your smile
  • 1.4. fresh rag side
  • 1.5. dead body
  • 1.6. big time bum
  • 1.7. do you want my love?
  • 1.8. children of the night
25. März 2016
Genre: Rock

stooges, the

electric circus

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REPRESS! The Stooges that went out on tour in spring 1971 were a quite different group to any version to have entered a studio. Joining the remaining Fun House veterans - Iggy on vocals, Ron Asheton on guitar and Scott Asheton on drums, were new boys Jimmy Recca on bass and James Williamson on guitar - yes indeed! - a dual guitar Stooges!! - suffice to say they rocked! " The most important Stooges artefact since Metallic K.O " - Kris Needs