• 1.1. sister
  • 1.2. 2020
  • 1.3. turning into you
  • 1.4. my regime
  • 1.5. uh oh
  • 1.6. good to see you
  • 1.7. your life
  • 1.8. perfect stranger
  • 1.9. fire on fire
  • 1.10. baby, be good to me
  • 1.11. zonked
  • 1.12. things go bump

stoltz, kelley

my regime


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"Kelley Stoltz is one of the millennium's great unsung auteur" UNCUT "Absolute favourite" MOJO "Imagine a Mount Rush-more for California's latter-day garage rock troubadours_ Stoltz's fase belongs up there" WASHINGTON POST "The remarkable thing about Kelley Stoltz has been how seamlessy he absorbs his influences, finds their essences and out of that irreducable core makes songs that are entirely fresh and new" DUSTED "Perpetually tuneful songs" NEW YORK TIMES Kelley Stoltz enters his 20th year in the record business with the release of his 10th full length album, "My Regime". This will be his second release for the Spanish label Banana & Louie after prior albums on Castleface, Third Man Records and Sub Pop. A longtime DIY home recording multi ... mehr lesen