• 1.1. all the trees of the field will clap their hands
  • 1.2. the dress looks nice on you
  • 1.3. in the devil's teriitory
  • 1.4. to be alone with you
  • 1.5. abraham
  • 1.6. sister
  • 1.7. size too small
  • 1.8. we won't need legs to stand
  • 1.9. a good man is hard to find
  • 1.10. he woke me up again
  • 1.11. seven swans
  • 1.12. the transfiguration

stevens, sufjan

seven swans (reissue)


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Über diesen Artikel

When I met Sufjan some time back, he was co-organizing an arts event that we were performing at in New York called "Christ A Go-Go." The picture I have in my mind from that time is of Sufjan always being somewhere else in the room. "There's Sufjan over there, you have to meet him and hear his music-he's great," his proud friend Melissa boasted. When I finally met Sufjan, he seemed reserved and he didn't really want to talk about his music. I don't remember what happened after that, but now Sufjan is a very good friend to my family and me. For about a year my two-year-old daughter wanted to marry "uncle Suf." Some people leave New York City for the weekend and go to the Hamptons; Sufjan takes a bus down to Clarksboro, NJ and we love to have him every ... mehr lesen