17. Mai 2019


fall in love with me

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Über diesen Artikel

STARK (FEATURING NITZER EBB'S DAVID GOODAY & SIMON GRANGER) RELEASE A CHARITY 12" VINYL SINGLE OF TWO COVERS OF IGGY POP'S "FALL IN LOVE WITH ME" ON MAY 17TH VIA PYLON RECORDS. A-SIDE FEATURES STARK WITH DAVID ARSCOTT AND THE B-SIDE FEATURES STARK WITH NITZER EBB FOR A DECIDEDLY DIFFERENT TAKE ON THE SAME IGGY TRACK. "this record is for donald rodie. he was a good friend to all the people involved in these recordings and to a great many other people too. it may be that you knew him as well. if you didn't then that is ok. he was one of us. you would have liked him. a meticulous collector of music, always listened first, and then he would speak. he was around before and during all the nitzer ebb years. not only that he really loved iggy and saw him ... mehr lesen