• 1.1. pay your way in pain
  • 1.2. down and out downtown
  • 1.3. daddy's home
  • 1.4. live in the dream
  • 1.5. the melting of the sun
  • 1.6. the laughing man
  • 1.7. down
  • 1.8. somebody like me
  • 1.9. my baby wants a baby
  • 1.10. ...at the holiday party
  • 1.11. candy darling
14. Mai 2021
Genre: Indie

st. vincent

daddy's home (bronze vinyl)


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Über diesen Artikel

Bronze Vinyl im Gatefold Sleeve mit Poster! "I was inspired by the classic records of the 70's. Stevie. Sly. Stones. Steely Dan. Chords. Groove. The days when sophisticated harmony and rhythm didn't sound heady - they just sounded, and felt, good. Lots of guitar. But warm sounds, not distortion and chaos. Hopefully a turn nobody will see coming." - Annie Clark The imagery for this campaign will be heavily influenced by the 70's - think Super Fly, vintage cars, hotel voyeur. Annie's new persona for this album is called Candy Darling.