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08. Juli 2016
Label: FELTE
Genre: Indie

soviet soviet


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Über diesen Artikel

Post-punk leaning trio Soviet Soviet was born in 2008 on the Adriatic coast of Italy by guitarist Alessandro Costantini, vocalist/bassist Andrea Giometti and drummer Alessandro Ferri. In 2009, they gained notoriety in Europe with a handful of self-released singles and incessant touring. Pitchfork caught wind and said the band "... take a broad view of the genre (post-punk), ignoring timestamps and geographic restrictions to assemble a specimen uniquely theirs," and their influences seemed to suggest "... a passing familiarity with post-punk's steely derivatives, including French and Italian Cold Wave..." The self-released singles were then turned into a nine track compilation titled Nice and re-released digitally by Italian label Tannen in 2011. In ... mehr lesen