• 1.1. no halo
  • 1.2. a portrait of
  • 1.3. first letter from st. sean
  • 1.4. a better sun
  • 1.5. disappeared
  • 1.6. car
  • 1.7. where are you
  • 1.8. second letter from st. julien
  • 1.9. leave the fan on
  • 1.10. new room
11. August 2017

sorority noise

you're not as ____ as you think


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Über diesen Artikel

Für das Label Big Scary Monsters, das zu den aktuell besten Indie / Punk -Labels zählt, ist dieser Release ein Priothema mit dem Potential von Modern Baseball, die aktuell auf auf Tour sind. Die Emo / Hardcoreband formierte sich 2013, Ihr viertes Album produzierte Mike Sapone (Brand New, Taking Back Sunday). This is a bloody brilliant record, and this band have the potential to go the way Modern Baseball have gone, so this is definitely a priority release! SORORITY NOISE write important songs. They go to uncomfortable places, unafraid to let the darkness in - but they're also not shy at kicking back until the sorrow subsides. They're songs of confusion, anger, life, death, mental health and, most importantly, hope. They're what it means to be human. ... mehr lesen