• 1.1. (she's in a) bad mood
  • 1.2. protect me you
  • 1.3. freezer burn / i wanna be your dog
  • 1.4. shaking hell
  • 1.5. inhuman
  • 1.6. the world looks red
  • 1.7. confusion is next
  • 1.8. making the nature scene
  • 1.9. lee is free

sonic youth

confusion is sex


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Über diesen Artikel

First complete Sonic Youth album is one of Thurston Moore's favorites. Includes live cover of The Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog". Vinyl includes digital download. Originally slated to be a 7" to follow up their self-titled debut, Sonic Youth's Confusion Is Sex blossomed into the band's first album: a brain-bludgeoning, completely fried endeavor of dissonance and disarray, a perfect soundtrack for running from a chain-wielding gang near the SIN Club. This was the sound of 1983 New York City, nothing like the jangly roots of college radio rock starting to formulate in Athens, Georgia. It sounded like no one else on Earth, for that matter. The raw, Wharton Tiers 8-track production is dark, the Kim Gordon- scrawled cover figure art of Thurston Moore is ... mehr lesen