sonic youth

battery park, nyc: july 4th 2008


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Initially released as a bonus "Buy Early Get Now" addition to the 2009 release of their final albumThe Eternal, Battery Park, NYC: July 4th 2008 features material culled from their show at Battery Park's River to River Festival. The tracks found on this live release span the group's thirty year career, available to retailers as a stand alone package for the first time. âÇ¢ IN PRINT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TEN YEARS âÇ¢ INITIALLY PRESSED AS A BUY EARLY GET NOW BONUS ALBUM ATTACHED TO THE RELEASE OF THE ETERNAL âÇ¢ CELEBRATING ITS 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF ITS INITIAL RELEASE IN 2009 âÇ¢ PRINTED AS A STANDARD EDITION FOR THE FIRST TIME (PRINTED IN 2009 AS A WRAPAROUND VERSION) âÇ¢ RELEASED AS PART OF MATADOR'S 2019 "REVISIONIST HISTORY" CAMPAIGN