• 1.1. slow walk to the graveyard shift
  • 1.2. violent decline
  • 1.3. thorn in the side
  • 1.4. problem child
  • 1.5. reminded/weighed down
  • 1.6. days here are long
  • 1.7. room full of people
  • 1.8. you won't stay
  • 1.9. alright, i'll wait
  • 1.10. bitter medicine
  • 1.11. lifted from the current
19. Februar 2016


first day back

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Über diesen Artikel

Limitiertes Vinyl! Somos are as no-frills and trend-averse as it gets. The Boston band works in catchy, passionate three-minute rock songs recorded with too much punch to be lo-fi, too melodically contoured to be punk. So even with its blunt-force drum rolls and jagged chording, "Dead Wrong" sneaks up on you: on one end, it packs so many short, sharp hooks, the chorus can fly right by you on the first listen. They strike a weirdly rare balance in the process, situating themselves between blue-collar indie rock and a white-collar life. Michael Fiorentino sets the dramatic stakes ("Empire and a crown of thorns/Today you get two for one") and reveals the all-too-familiar source of that despair: tucking in your shirt, staring at a computer, "Shaking ... mehr lesen