• 1.1. typing, texting
  • 1.2. burning streets of rome
  • 1.3. turn the music up!
  • 1.4. first bus
  • 1.5. birthday reminder
  • 1.6. heart goes pop
  • 1.7. dream world
  • 1.8. 360°
  • 1.9. true to you
  • 1.10. sometimes people get sad
  • 1.11. forever
  • 1.12. year of the lake
28. September 2012
Genre: Indie

smittens, the

believe me

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Über diesen Artikel

12 track LP, comes as limited hand numbered vinyl (500 copies) with free mp3 download. Includes a recipe for apple glazed donuts and a bag of roibos tea. Believe Me is the fourth LP from THE SMITTENS. THE SMITTENS, based in Burlington, Vermont, are loved as much in Europe by indiepop fans as they are in the USA, having been a staple of the indie festival circuit over the past 10 years. This new LP brings their Magnetic Fields and Tullycraft influences together once more. It has been four years, and THE SMITTENS are finally ready to share some of the new songs they've been recording. Lately, their optimism and sunny disposition seems to be tempered by heavier affairs, taking their songcraft to a new level that may cause those listeners to dig in to a ... mehr lesen