• 1.1. a rush and a push and the land is ours
  • 1.2. i started something i couldn't finish
  • 1.3. death of a disco dancer
  • 1.4. girlfriend in a coma
  • 1.5. stop me if you think you've heard this one before
  • 1.6. last night i dreamt that somebody loved me
  • 1.7. unhappy birthday
  • 1.8. paint a vulgar picture
  • 1.9. death at one's elbow
  • 1.10. i won't share you
13. April 2012
Label: RHINO
Genre: Rock

smiths, the

strangeways, here we come


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Über diesen Artikel

Rhino UK is pleased to announce the launch of "Vinyl Plus+", with the re-issue of the four Classic studio albums by The Smiths; "The Smiths (1984), "Meat Is Murder" (1985), "The Queen Is Dead" (1986) and "Strangeways, Here We Come" (1987). All feature newly re-mastered audio by Frank Arkwright (overseen by Johnny Marr, no less) and the original sleeves, (a gatefold in the case of "The Queen Is Dead"), labels and original inner bags, pressed on high-quality 180 gram vinyl. In addition, each comes with a unique redemption code enabling customers to download the complete album as MP3 files from www.vinyl-plus.com.