• 1.1. im kassenbereich (into the payzone)
  • 1.2. dönerspinne (kebab spider)
  • 1.3. heilsalbenpolitik (policy cream)
  • 1.4. o.b.c.t. (obct)
  • 1.5. wenn du wieder angeschissen kommst
  • 1.6. schenk nach (top it up)
  • 1.7. kehrseite (flipside)
  • 1.8. abzug (subtraction)
  • 1.9. firewall
  • 1.10. burt der riesenkerl (big burt)
  • 1.11. diskurs (discourse)
  • 1.12. negativskript (negative script)

sleaford mods

eton alive (german edition)

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* Exclusive German Edition! * Pink Coloured Vinyl! * A different back cover: German text instead of English (in places!)* German labels (Seite 1/Seite 2) * Sleaford Mods are one of the most important, politically charged and thought-provoking duos currently making their mark on the UK music scene and beyond. They are now poised to release their fifth studio album entitled `Eton Alive' in February 2019. The new album, which features 12 new tracks from the prolific artists, was recorded in Nottingham. The record will be the first release on Jason and Andrew's newly formed label `Extreme Eating' and their first album since parting ways with Rough Trade Records. "Eton Alive speaks for itself really. Here we are once again in the middle of another ... mehr lesen