• 1.1. pulse
  • 1.2. lost you to l.a.
  • 1.3. last crash landing
  • 1.4. marching song
  • 1.5. green trees
  • 1.6. emergency
  • 1.7. put on your face
  • 1.8. slowly but surely
16. August 2019
Genre: Indie

silver bars

center of the city lights


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Über diesen Artikel

Debut Album made Jack Rabid's "Top 40" reviews in The Big Takeover (NYC) Spring Issue# 84! The LP comes in a bright-red colour as with downlad card including bonus tracks Get Comfortable and Spirit Guides. Austin's SILVER BARS are a common case of scene vets than find a home together. Center is dreamy but also large and piercing-dreamy, like the post-Join Hands Banshees, 1980-1982 Cure, pre-War U2, and Fables of the Reconstruction R.E.M. were. Those '80s alterna-rockers' renown obfuscates how exceptional their guitarists were, and here's another proto-dreampop guitar band-dominated by Paula J. Smith's (also co-lead singer) and Ken Hatten's succession of spine-tickling signatures like fractal patterns. Last year's self-titled EP-from whence they pluck ... mehr lesen