• 1.1. (i hope u) don't survive
  • 1.2. the third
  • 1.3. the old you
  • 1.4. is she a sign
  • 1.5. the brain
  • 1.6. bourbon beard
  • 1.7. lr72
  • 1.8. white lightning
  • 1.9. dirty air
  • 1.10. young
  • 1.11. moving
  • 1.12. the ram
  • 1.13. a cockfight of feelings
12. April 2019
Label: TOUCH & GO
Genre: Indie


italian platinum (limited col.)


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Über diesen Artikel

Red Vinyl! Silkworm cared, and didn't/wouldn't fudge. The emotional heft of the performances always registered first, but the playing was full of jarring, chaotic moments that aren't the results of the mere "chops." Guitarist Andy Cohen and bassist Tim Midgett wrote separately, and each sang what he wrote, but they shared a sense of gravity. Sometimes direct, sometimes utterly cryptic, it didn't have much to do with typical notions of singer-songwriterly "craftmanship." A notoriously self-reliant band, Silkworm swelled its ranks considerably on Italian Platinum (originally released in 2002). Kelly Hogan (solo, The Pine Valley Cosmonauts) contributed backing vocals on several tracks and sang the hell out of "Young," an outsized ballad that has no ... mehr lesen