• 1.1. the singing bile
  • 1.2. little jammy center
  • 1.3. they're playing themselves
  • 1.4. paean delle palme
  • 1.5. stripping at the nail
  • 1.6. memorize them well

secret boyfriend

memory care unit

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Über diesen Artikel

A new long-form offering of poignant, isolationist machine music from Secret Boyfriend. Eschewing the cryptic and compact song-sketches that characterised his 2013 Blackest Ever Black LP, 'This Is Always Where You've Lived', Ryan Martin instead guides us through vast interior topographies and nerve-damaged ambiences that comfort and deceive like memory itself. Beginning with 'The Singing Bile' - minimal synth submerged and subjected to an almost oceanic pressure - the tracks are mostly crude, extended live improvisations, recorded straight to tape. Martin's loose intention was to subtract himself from proceedings and "let the music play itself", but the erasure is not quite complete: on the contrary, each piece feels distinctly authored, and charged ... mehr lesen