• 1.1. outside world
  • 1.2. boundary line
  • 1.3. salt in your hair
  • 1.4. long coats
  • 1.5. movie game
  • 1.6. back in the corner

scott & charlene's wedding

when in rome, carpe diem


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Über diesen Artikel

Formed around Craig Dermody, a songwriter who provides you with speed-dial access to his head and his heart, and rooted in 90's slacker and Flying Nun sounds, Scott & Charlene's Wedding finally return with their new. Six songs full of frank and honest observations about everyday life, ranging from everyday work laughs to coming to terms with the loss of important people in our lives, When in Rome is pure Scott & Charlene's Wedding - heartfelt and yet tongue-in-cheek, light and dark all at the same.