• 1.1. no ideas
  • 1.2. the bus that couldn't slow down
  • 1.3. gasbagging
  • 1.4. tall poppies
  • 1.5. grown ups
  • 1.6. online shopping
  • 1.7. cloudy skies
  • 1.8. particles
  • 1.9. school damage rockers
  • 1.10. distance
  • 1.11. silent zone
  • 1.12. try something new
  • 1.13. it's not goodbye
02. Juni 2017

school damage

school damage


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Über diesen Artikel

Self-titled debut album by Melbourne, Australia wobbly pop foursome School Damage. Formed by Carolyn Hawkins (Chook Race) and Jake Robertson (Ausmuteants, Hierophants) whose other projects have had releases on Goner Records, HoZac and Trouble In Mind. They were soon joined by Jeff Raty on drums and and Dani Damage on bass. School Damage's sound is defined by wonky keyboards, weaving bass lines, and lyrics focused on the anxieties of modern life and love. They take cues from 80s DIY pop outfits such as The Vaselines, Young Marble Giants and The Particles. "A lot of the songs reflect a sense of self-doubt in relation to the world around me," says Carolyn. "I think the internet calls it a quarter life crisis." Jake says his School Damage songs are ... mehr lesen