• 1.1. vagabonds
  • 1.2. heartbeat
  • 1.3. polarized
  • 1.4. campus
  • 1.5. heroine
  • 1.6. when love became
  • 1.7. painted arms
  • 1.8. round and round
  • 1.9. same sun
  • 1.10. trap
  • 1.11. with you
06. März 2015
Genre: Indie

satellite stories


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Über diesen Artikel

You think you've heard it all before the show, but you've never really seen us at all" The first line to the title track of the bands 3rd studio album "Vagabonds" a name that sums up how their last 24 months has looked for these guys. Since their indie breakthrough with the November 2013 release and radio hit "Campfire" the Scandinavian 4 piece from the northern outpost of Oulu have been on the road across the continent, "We became Vagabonds going from pillar to post with no real fixed address" Says lead guitarist Marko Heikkinen. Between a heavy list of Festival appearances in 2014 the band decamped to the UK for 2 months to record in the Kentish countryside with renowned producer Simon "Barny" Barnicott, who had previously worked with bands like ... mehr lesen