• 1.1. love in rockets
  • 1.2. dyson sphere
  • 1.3. trouble
  • 1.4. art bell
  • 1.5. dancing down the hall
  • 1.6. cage tropical
  • 1.7. game to play
  • 1.8. red museum
  • 1.9. epic slack
  • 1.10. decontrol

rose, frankie

cage tropical (white)

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Über diesen Artikel

Weißes Vinyl! After spending years as a major presence in Brooklyn's thriving music scene, Frankie Rose relocated to her familial home of Los Angeles for 18 months with the intention of establishing yet another moment in her storied indie rock métier. Gradually, she found herself short on sleep, funds and optimism. Towards the end of her time spent in Los Angeles, Frankie reached out to Jorge Elbrecht (Tamaryn, Gang Gang Dance, Violens) and began sketching what became the basic outline of what felt like a new album. Then, rather fortuitously, Frankie ended up back in Brooklyn with the realization that "in the end, I'm on my own. I have to do these things on my own." The months that ensued meant basically working with no budget and finding ways to ... mehr lesen