• 1.1. i call on one's muse
  • 1.2. rob jo star band
  • 1.3. lovings machine
  • 1.4. not the crazy man
  • 1.5. story dangerous
  • 1.6. acid revolution
  • 1.7. black sun
  • 1.8. blood flower
  • 1.9. stone away
  • 1.10. le démon du rythme
  • 1.11. la cigale
25. Juni 2013
Genre: Garage

rob jo star band

rob jo star band (lp + 7")

(LP + 7")

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Über diesen Artikel

Stoned Psychedelia! Garage punk under Acid influence. Official Reissue of one of the WEIRDEST records ever released in FRANCE in the early 70's. Fantastic sci-fi spaced out psych with astonishing lysergic fuzz distortions and drenched crazy electronic noise effects. INCLUDES Free 7" with 2 unissued tracks. Where the hell did that one come from? Though early 1970's French Underground Rock had certainly things to offer, mostly headaches and yawns, it was quiet unexpected to stumble across a truly good album coming out of that scene. As often with those discoveries, we gotta thank the bootleg cosa nostra for this return from the grave. Beside a few collectors and a handful people older than me that knew of them back in the days, Rob Jo Star Band ... mehr lesen