• 1.1. constantinople
  • 1.2. sinister exaggerator
  • 1.3. the booker tease
  • 1.4. blue rosebuds
  • 1.5. laughing song
  • 1.6. bach is dead
  • 1.7. elvis and his boss
  • 1.8. lizard lady
  • 1.9. semolina
  • 1.10. birthday boy
  • 1.11. weight-lifting lulu
  • 1.12. krafty cheese
  • 1.13. hello skinny
  • 1.14. the electrocutioner

residents, the

duck stab

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Duck Stab lifted people out of the slumber of the Seventies. Rhymes, rhythms, and instruments of unknown origins. Musically, it's difficult to describe this diverse album. There is a silky, seductive, and murky aspect which creates a supporting liquid background upon which the lyrics float. There is a balance between the music and the lyrics. They never step on each other as they take turns moving in and out of the foreground. The lyrics play a very dominant role on this album. They are like rhyming instruments that project pictures before our eyes. A style emerges in the imagery and in the lyric rhythm. The Residents use words for the sake of their sounds, and for how they feel when leaving the tongue.