• 1.1. ghosts
  • 1.2. self inflicted
  • 1.3. in a years turning
  • 1.4. saltation
  • 1.5. calloused
  • 1.6. calculated risk
  • 1.7. the rico conspiracy
  • 1.8. torchbearer
  • 1.9. general population
  • 1.10. beauty is a destructive angel
  • 1.11. in a statue of frozen glass
27. September 2019
Genre: Rock


beauty is a destructive angel

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Über diesen Artikel

Dear Metalcore, watch the throne. In the early 00's the metalcore scene was flourishing with the likes of Killswitch Engage, Misery Signals and Poison the Well. to name a few. Fast forward to present day there is a distinct lack of bands willing to rise to be the new wave of metalcore bands, enter Renounced. Whilst new 'hype' bands have been coming and burning out just as fast Renounced have been quietly and confidently growing in the background watching the music scene flash by, biding their time and waiting for their rightful place at the top of Metalcore. The 'difficult' third album does not apply here, Renounced's "Beauty Is A Destructive Angel' is what 'The End of Heartache' is to Killswitch Engage and what 'You Come Before You' is to Poison The ... mehr lesen