• 1.1. find me now
  • 1.2. if you can't give me
  • 1.3. everything
  • 1.4. funny thing
  • 1.5. medication blues #1
  • 1.6. carol
  • 1.7. what could i do?
  • 1.8. if christmas can't bring you
  • 1.9. home
  • 1.10. pretty girl
  • 1.11. without you
  • 1.12. don't send me no flowers, i
  • 1.13. ain't dead yet (live)

reigning sound

home for orphans


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Über diesen Artikel

When Reigning Sound's Greg Cartwright assembled the tracklist for 2005's Home for Orphans compilation LP, he was mining from a moody pool of outtakes and rarities cut at various locations across his hometown of Memphis. The year prior, his band unveiled its manically raucous Too Much Guitar! LP, but left behind on the cutting-room floor were slow and sullen alternate takes of "Funny Thing" and "If You Can't Give Me Everything." Along with those Cartwright originals, Home for Orphans also contains two tracks from Reigning Sound's 2001 debut, the hard-to-find "Two Sides to Every Man" 7-inch: "Pretty Girl" and "Without You" (a Gene Clark cover). One other cover tune also appears, a fuzzy live take of The Breakers' "Don't Send Me No Flowers, I Ain't Dead ... mehr lesen