• 1.1. instinct
  • 1.2. kill city
  • 1.3. penetration
  • 1.4. power and freedom
  • 1.5. shake appeal
  • 1.6. high on you
  • 1.7. five foot one
  • 1.8. the passenger
  • 1.9. easy rider
  • 1.10. 1970
  • 1.11. search and destroy
  • 1.12. cold metal
  • 1.13. square head
  • 1.14. no fun
  • 1.15. i wanna be your dog

pop, iggy

search and destroy - live in chicag

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Über diesen Artikel

Iggy Pop was no stranger to Chicago's Cabaret Metro in the 1980s, a rock and roll fixture with decades of smoke and sweat to show for its décor. Iggy's a natural advert for adrenaline, but it's laid on thick and fast when he walks out to greet the Metro crowd as Hanoi Rocks' Andy McCoy rips into the slicing, dumb metal of the title track to his latest return-to-form album Instinct. Iggy's plugged in for another power surge and the pace is set as the acrobatics nearly bring the ceiling down. "We're gonna rock it to ya straight - no bullshit". "Music should never be too good, too tight. It should excite you. The Stooges' music is supposed to make me feel good. And I've always had faith that if I feel good, others will". Surely, an admirable definition ... mehr lesen