• 1.1. blood clot
  • 1.2. asshole pandemic
  • 1.3. prequel to asshole pandemic
  • 1.4. mid 20's skateboarder
  • 1.5. hangin' out
  • 1.6. the prime minister of defense
  • 1.7. cold dead hands (the + one)
  • 1.8. glory days
  • 1.9. let's order a pizza
  • 1.10. before we go out drinking
  • 1.11. stop calling us chief
  • 1.12. kathie lee + hoda

pkew pkew pkew

+ one

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Punks and jocks haven't always seen eye-to-eye. The in-group/out-group dynamics of each haven't been very forgiving to the other. Luckily, the Toronto punk rockers in Pkew Pkew Pkew (sometimes stylized as PKEWx3) don't subscribe to one or the other- they're more interested in the transitional space in between. That's the space the band inhabits on their self-titled debut record. We're re-releasing it under a new name: + One, so titled for the extra track it includes. On Bandcamp, the debut is tagged with the following: beer, pizza, punk, skateboarding, Toronto, and being broke. These are the topics that comprise a 22-minute flurry of unbridled guitar-punk glory; every &st-pumping whim is indulged, and no anthemic melody is underused. The compact ... mehr lesen