• 1.1. burning pieces
  • 1.2. warm seas
  • 1.3. last man standing
  • 1.4. all the wars
  • 1.5. build a world
  • 2.1. give it back
  • 2.2. someone pull me out
  • 2.3. one more step away
  • 2.4. reaching out
09. August 2013
Label: K SCOPE

pineapple thief

all the wars

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Über diesen Artikel

The album is the latest step for the band who over the last few years have truly emerged onto a higher stage... bigger tours, triumphant festival slots, recording at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios, artwork designed by award winning artists including Storm Thorgerson. Much of this is down to the band's 2010 album, Someone Here Is Missing, and the reaction it received. While this release, along with 2008's Tightly Unwound, was many people's introduction to the band they have actually spent the past ten years quietly building up a dedicated fan base across the globe, selling over 50,000 records and nurturing their 'bittersweet' progressive sound. All The Wars marks another leap in the band's progression, as frontman Bruce Soord continues to mature ... mehr lesen