• 1.1. independence day
  • 1.2. ugly thing
  • 1.3. i like you
  • 1.4. sex
  • 1.5. waiting
  • 1.6. chanting
  • 1.7. east west
  • 1.8. new in berlin
  • 1.9. we've just begun
19. Oktober 2012

persephone's bees

new in berlin

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Über diesen Artikel

Persephone's Bees' new record "New In Berlin" is a self-produced album, recorded in San Francisco by Tom Ayres and Angelina Moysov at Decibelle Recording Studio.The songs on the album were written in Berlin cafes, London sidewalks, San Francisco and Oakland where the duo lived at the time before moving to NYC. Their previous album "Notes From The Underworld" was produced by hitmaker Eric Valentine and released here on Columbia Records; in France, Belgium and Switzerland on the indie label Kuskus. This new album was self-released in an experiment with direct fan communication, each song released first as an online single, a song every 6 weeks, each song having it's own page on the band's website with a short story, lyrics and video. The last single ... mehr lesen