• 1.1. tigremoon
  • 1.2. helly
  • 1.3. spycho
  • 1.4. demo
  • 1.5. inside the taxi
  • 1.6. sugar-colt
  • 1.7. ingrid superstar
  • 1.8. overdriver
09. Oktober 2015

penelope trip


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Über diesen Artikel

Regarded as one of the pioneering records of noise-pop and shoegaze made in Spain, Penelope Trip's debut, originally released by Munster in 1992, is an essential album in the vein of My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Pixies. Especially remastered for this reissue and pressed on 180g vinyl. "Politomania" was a milestone of Spanish independent pop. An underground hit. A bar which many felt encouraged to reach. A reference point. Originally released in 1992, Penelope Trip's debut album is an unforgettable compendium of intuition, effusiveness and electric discharge. A visceral and raw piece of work which was related to contemporary Spanish bands with a longer career, such as Cancer Moon and Los Bichos, and firmly broke away from the ... mehr lesen