• 1.1. no grace
  • 1.2. n/a
  • 1.3. impermanent
  • 1.4. gone so long
  • 1.5. complete contempt
  • 1.6. gild the lily
  • 1.7. empire state
  • 1.8. salt lake
  • 1.9. clarity
  • 1.10. asthmatic
24. Juni 2016
Genre: Indie


no grace

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More than just the third PAWS record, No Grace is representative of a transformative period of time in the band's life and is the gravel-throated affirmation of that 'do it or die' attitude that informs any great work of passion. It's the song you sing when you get kicked in the teeth; the decision you make to get back on your feet and rattle off another punch; it's the humility of defeat and the ecstasy of triumph because you never gave up. But more than anything, it's the sound of the pure fucking energy and joy that comes from making something with your whole heart. As well as being a statement of intent, No Grace was that opportunity to go big or go home. So PAWS went big. After discovering a mutual appreciation between themselves and ... mehr lesen