• 1.1. summer babe - winter version
  • 1.2. trigger cut/wounded-kite at :17
  • 1.3. no life singed her
  • 1.4. in the mouth a desert
  • 1.5. conduit for sale!
  • 1.6. zürich is stained
  • 1.7. chesley's little wrists
  • 2.1. loretta's scares
  • 2.2. here
  • 2.3. two states
  • 2.4. perfume-v
  • 2.5. fame throwa
  • 2.6. jackals, false grails: the lonesome era
  • 2.7. our singer


slanted & enchanted - 30th anniversary edition (limited


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"A marvellous piece of lazy rock'n'roll that does for the current American new wave what Teenage Fanclub's 'A Catholic Education' did for British guitar music... Almost unintentionally they've forged one of the most refreshing American noises for ages," - NME "Perhaps because one half of Pavement lives in New York City and the other in a sleepy, rural, central California town called Stockton, the spirit of the band's music is split right down the middle. Simultaneously sophisticated and unpretentious, heartfelt and totally goofy - but always entirely sincere - Pavement exhibits its genius casually. The group's first full-length album, Slanted and Enchanted, is brimming with beautiful pop songs, soured a bit by the rhythmic clamour of harder guitar ... mehr lesen