• 1.1. total football
  • 1.2. violence
  • 1.3. before the water gets too high
  • 1.4. mardi gras beads
  • 1.5. almost had to start a fight/in and
  • 1.6. freebird ii
  • 1.7. normalization
  • 1.8. back to earth
  • 1.9. wide awake
  • 1.10. nyc observation
  • 1.11. extinction
  • 1.12. death will bring change
  • 1.13. tenderness

parquet courts

wide awake (deluxe)

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Deluxe Collectors Edition LP featuring a 16-page double art and illustration booklet by A. Savage. Parquets Courts' fifth album Wide Awake! - produced by Danger Mouse - is a groundbreaking work, an album about independence and individuality but also about collectivity and communitarianism. The songs, written by Andrew Savage and Austin Brown but elevated to even greater heights by the dynamic rhythmic propulsion of Max Savage (drums) and Sean Yeaton (bass), are filled with their traditional punk rock passion, as well as a lyrical tenderness. The record reflects a burgeoning confidence in the band's exploration of new ideas in a hi-fi context.