• 1.1. fixed it all
  • 1.2. archives
  • 1.3. journey of the prairie king
  • 1.4. albert suffers
  • 1.5. 412
  • 1.6. mike & susan
  • 1.7. violet
  • 1.8. you & i
  • 1.9. water doctor
  • 1.10. hollow
23. April 2021


fixed it all


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Über diesen Artikel

Initial pressing on red vinyl. Sometimes, Pærish guitarist/vocalist Mathias Court will sit down in front of a movie, TV episode or video game and play around on his guitar. The idea is for him to capture and channel the emotion of what he's watching into music by what's on the screen. That's exactly what happened during the making of the Paris-based band's second full-length - and first with iconic label SideOneDummy - Fixed It All. Court was watching a video game stream on Twitch when he heard a riff. He immediately stopped the Twitch channel, opened Logic Pro and songs started to emerge. That might sound like an unusual process, but it makes sense. The three founding members of Pærish - Court, bassist Martin Dupraz and drummer Julien Louvion - met ... mehr lesen