• 1.1. peregrino estelar
  • 1.2. marujo
  • 1.3. de lei
  • 1.4. ain't it a shame (the wave riders)
  • 1.5. que nem diamante
  • 1.6. eu vou de novo
  • 1.7. meu bem
  • 1.8. noites brancas
  • 1.9. a beira da loucura
  • 1.10. ainda nao
  • 1.11. mulher fantasia
  • 1.12. po da estrada
  • 1.13. hey conductor - (sonny flaharty & m
  • 1.14. debaixo das pedras
12. November 2010
Genre: Garage

os haxixins

under the stones

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Über diesen Artikel

"They are perhaps the best sound advert for a non- english speaking garage psych band living in the very instant of here and now. 12 tracks driven by the schizofrenic Diatron organ of Alex Romera and powerfull fuzz chords trough the fingers of Mr Fiuza. Ten original songs, and two covers, inspired on the most obsure music made in the 60's. This brazilian guys aren't here to play around, this is serious mindblowing music. "Before redemption we can finally back too obscurity". Sir Uly The LP brings a Download Card with a acess code to download the full tracks. "