03. September 1990
Label: SUB POP
Genre: Rock


sliver | dive


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BACK IN PRINT! NIRVANA members Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic wrote the music to "Sliver" with temporary drummer Dan Peters of Mudhoney during a practice session. Jonathan Poneman of Sub Pop had requested that Nirvana release another single. While the band selected the previously recorded "Dive" as the b-side, Cobain wanted to take advantage of a studio break by the group TAD in July 1990 to record the a-side. TAD frontman Tad Doyle disliked the idea, but producer Jack Endino talked him into it. During a one hour period, NIRVANA recorded the basic tracks for "Sliver" using TAD's equipment. Cobain completed writing the song's lyrics just before it was recorded. "Sure, the vocals are lazily throat splitting, the guitars belligerently grungy, the bass ... mehr lesen