• 1.1. tattooed apathetic boys
  • 1.2. tapeworm blues
  • 1.3. spinnin' clock
  • 1.4. tryin' to get by
  • 1.5. drug chicks
  • 1.6. cryin' into the beer of a drunk man

new bomb turks, the

tapeworm blues


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Über diesen Artikel

6-song 1992 demos 10": CRUDE, RUDE, and LOUD punkrock blort recorded 4 months prior to the epic "!!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!" sessions inna dank basement in Columbus. TWO never-heard originals - "TAPEWORM BLUES", "DRUG CHICKS" plus 4 cuts later re-recorded for "D-O-B". LINERS by Irving Azlik, Jr, much-renowned industry head. 10" includes DOWNLOAD CODE!